Echoes of the Past


Charlene Stanfeld, aka Starshyne, has problems. Her parents were killed five years ago in the fireball that started the Hero’s Plague and she’s been alone ever since. She has a job with no future, a boss with no self-control, and now there’s a super-powered gang that has her number.

Ayn Elipso just bought a new house with her fiance Ryan and is getting the final touches ready for their wedding in one week. Only, Ryan has become distant, working long hours every day. They’ve become strangers and Ayn is no longer sure she wants to go through with the wedding.

Virtue Maroni, daughter of the Godfather of Destiny, wants to make her own name in the world, separate from her parents’ money and influence, but despite superior technological abilities and combat skills, she has to fight for every inch of respect.

Three women, three stories, three destinies, with one thing in common – the evil Dr. GrimLaw. But just who is he and what is his connection to the Hero’s Plague?

Echoes of the Past is the first episode of the Altered Destiny Saga, now available on Amazon.