Alan Robertshaw (

GENRE: adventure, political thriller

Alan Robertshaw read Law at Leeds University and taught Law in a College in the South of England for four years before taking a Commission in the British Army. Having attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst he served in various parts of the world for sixteen years, retiring with the rank of Major. On leaving the Army he and a friend set up a travel company organising walking and cycling holidays in Britain and Europe, of which he is still a director. Alan has travelled widely and when not writing enjoys mountain biking, walking and skiing. He is married with two grown-up sons and lives in York.

Andrea Russell

GENRE: General Fiction

Andrea has had three writing lives:  1, as a copywriter in a Chicago ad agency; 2, as a journalist/publicist in Canada; 3, as a novelist in York. She hopes there aren’t six more to come. Now at work on her second novel, she wrote her first as part of a Master’s Degree at University of Northumbria, where she received a Distinction, as well as the Waterstone Prize for the highest mark in her year.

Edwin H Rydberg (

GENRE: science fiction, young adult, childrens fiction

Hailing from the wilds of central Canada, EH Rydberg currently lives in Harrogate, UK with his wife, daughter and cat where he enjoys writing speculative fiction and compiling anthologies. He resides online at

A biochemist by training, EH Rydberg is the published author of numerous scientific papers. He was also the recipient of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Science Writing Prize (2005) for Through the Illusions – a story that presents the relationship between schizophrenia and smoking at a publicly accessible level. ‘Through the Illusions‘ was subsequently translated into Italian and published as ‘Attraverso il Illusioni’ by the Italian popular science journal KOS.

Jane Austin (

Genre: Historical Fiction

Jane Austin was born in Liverpool and after teacher training, studied for a BA in French. She has worked as a French teacher, as one of the first women rail guards, and as a coordinator of adult education in Yorkshire. Jane is retired from the University of York, where she supported access to Higher Education.

Jane’s first novel News from Nowhere is a coming of age story about Bronwyn, a young woman left at home while her brothers and father fight in the First World War. Passionately opposed to war, she writes about the role of women in bringing it to an end, which leads her to become a journalist. Family losses fuel her ambition to write about people rebuilding their lives in a shattered Europe.

A collection of family letters from the First World War inspired the novel. Written to the family in Bangor, North Wales, these describe the daily lives and trials of three brothers on the Western Front.

News from Nowhere was short-listed in 2013 for a Cinnamon Press writing competition, now with an offer of publication March 2017. Jane’s short story, Les Petites Curies, was also short-listed.

A keen linguist and walker, Jane lives with her husband and cats in York and is currently writing a new novel.

Margaret Evans Kaufeler (

GENRE: young adult

Born of Swiss parentage, Margaret’s first language was French. Her early enjoyment of stories such as ‘Le Chat Botté’ was followed by voracious reading of English books, such that she even became a Puffin Book Club member.

Although involved in a range of extracurricular activities such as dance and piano and also in academic pursuits, winning the school English prize and becoming Head Girl as well, being a polymath her eventual choice of career was in the field of science.

A degree in Chemistry from York University was followed by three years as an industrial research scientist in the same discipline. And it was romance over the test tubes as Margaret met her husband-to-be, Tony.

Margaret relished the start of her career in education which saw her eventual progression to Head of Chemistry. This was interrupted by the arrival of Margaret’s three daughters.

At the age of fifty, Margaret returned to the more creative activities which had delighted her in her youth. She attended courses including Writing for Children, Script Writing, Radio Play Writing and Novel Writing resulting in several successes: short-listed in an internet short-story competition; commissioned literacy work for York University and a regular slot in the local parish magazine with short stories, poems and articles.

Her affinity for teenagers, reflected in her career in education and youth work, and her interest in Science, prompted her novel Cat’s Eyes.  This is an adventure tale about a troubled thirteen-year-old girl, against a school backdrop with a science fiction flavour.

Gay C Marris

GC Marris read Zoology at Dundee University and she has a strong background in Natural Sciences. On completion of her postdoctoral fellowship (on the behavioural biology of parasitic wasps), she worked as a senior Government scientist, in Berkshire and then in Yorkshire.

She enjoyed several different professional roles, her most recent being Science Coordinator for the National Bee Unit. Much of her later career involved writing, partly for peer reviewed journals and, more often, for popular science publications. She took early retirement in 2015 and has since embarked on her first fiction-writing project: a series of interconnected murder stories based around a street in suburban London.

She is interested in describing the minutiae of domestic life and those parts of human nature that drive some to commit the most heinous of crimes! When not writing, Gay spends time with her family (a great source of material), in her garden and sketching. Gay is married with two children and lives in York.


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